Cancer Screening

Resources and pathways to support people with a learning disability, families, carers and professionals.

Social care providers guidance and resource pack

This resource pack is currently under review and will be updated ASAP.

Patient Screening Information – Easy Read Formats

Public Health England have produced easy read patient information for the following cancer screening programmes.

To access a copy please click on the appropriate programme from the list below:




Books Beyond Words have updated the easy guides for breast, cervical and bowel screening as well as having a colonoscopy.

For free downloads go to Free downloads — Beyond Words (


Bowel screening flagging for people with a learning disability

The How to guide describes how to set up bowel screening flagging for people with a learning disability. It gives a clear process to follow and discusses challenges and limitations. This document includes the updated consent to share information advice.

How to guide: Improving bowel cancer screening for people with a learning disability using flagging



Cancer Screening – Support for people with a Learning Disability

Public Health England have recently released national guidance to help breast screening providers support women with a learning disability access their services.

This blog post highlights this guidance and provides links to easy guides for breast screening and cervical screening for women with a learning disability: Supporting women with learning disabilities to access breast screening


Cervical Screening with Learning Disability – Support Materials for Sample Takers

Resources which have been developed to support women with a learning disability accessing cervical screening