Cardiovascular Disease

The North East and Cumbria Learning Disability Network is working in partnership with the North East North Cumbria Northern Clinical Physical Health Network on cardiovascular disease in people with a learning disability.

As outlined in the 2018 PHE report Health Inequalities: Cardiovascular Disease rates of heart failure in people with a learning disability are higher than that of the general population. It shows people with a learning disability have both a genetic and behaviour related risk increase. The Confidential Inquiry in the Premature Deaths of People with a Learning Disability (CIPOLD) found the most common underlying cause of death in people with a learning disability were heart and circulatory disorders.

The Learning Disability Network is expanding our team and will appoint a Project Manager (April 2021) who will lead on tackling inequalities in long terms conditions and physical health. This will provide additional capacity to expand our current work programme. This work will be closely aligned with the NENC Long Term Conditions/Physical Health Network.