Deciding Right

Deciding Right is guide to help you plan ahead and make choices for your future care and treatment in the possibility of in the future you may not have capacity to make those decisions. Deciding Right is about shared decision making.

It is relevant for children and young people and adults who have a long term condition or terminal illness but anybody can start to think about planning their future care and treatment needs.

The regional Deciding Right website and full range of resources can be found here.

Part of the Deciding Right guidance recommends people have an Emergency Health Care Plan. The plan supports the people that look after you to follow your wishes about your care in case of an emergency.

During Summer 2022 we worked with the End of life and palliative care network and the Stop People Dying to Soon Group to create resources specifically about Emergency Health Care Plans (EHCP’s).

Watch this video from the Stop People Dying Too Young group to find out about Emergency Health Care Plans:

The group have also developed 3 case studies from people who have an EHCP.

  1. Sarah’s Emergency Health Care Plan Story
  2. Paul’s Emergency Health Care Plan Story
  3. Bob’s Emergency Health Care Plan Story