Tackling Diabetes

The North East and Cumbria Learning Disability Network is working in partnership with the Northern Clinical Diabetes Network, Skills for People and other relevant stakeholders on a Tackling Diabetes work programme.

Diabetes Prevention

We are working with partners across the region to ensure people with learning disabilities are able to access accessible information around diabetes prevention.

Whilst we have been living in a world with Covid19 we have developed an online Keeping Well for Winter programme which tackles some of the broader issues around diabetes prevention. Keeping Well for Winter has 5 main areas, healthy eating, moving more, staying safe, staying connected to others and feeling good about yourself. You can find out more information about the work here.

Through 2021 we will be working with the provider of the National Diabetes Prevention Programme to ensure information provided is accessible for people with a learning disability.

Type 2 Diabetes

We have been working with partners across the region and developed a reasonable adjusted structured education course for people with a learning disability and Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis. We were ready to pilot the work at the start of Covid19 but had to pause it required face to face delivery. We are now in the process of piloting an online version by end of March 2021.