Annual Health Checks

All people with a learning disability age 14+ registered on the GP Learning Disability Register are entitled to a learning disability Annual Health Check. There continues to be significant evidence that people with learning disability have poorer health, health outcomes and access to health services than the rest of the population. Annual Health Checks, delivered in General Practice as an Enhanced Service are, potentially, the most important tool/opportunity we have to reduce premature mortality and address health inequalities. Annual Health Checks are

  • Having a regular head to toe check with your GP
  • Talking to a GP about any concerns
  • Allowing the GP to get to know the person with learning disability better
  • Understanding and reviewing medication
  • Understanding and review any long term health conditions
  • Understand and reviewing any commonly associated health conditions
  • Vaccinations
  • Supporting overall health and wellbeing

After a health check has been completed the person will be given a Health Action Plan to support them to improve their health.

The North East and Cumbria Learning Disability Network has been working with stakeholders across the region for a number of years to improve the uptake and quality of learning disability Annual Health Checks across the region.

Over the years the North East and Cumbria Learning Disability Network has developed:

  • Easy read invitation letters
  • Easy read information leaflets and films
  • Supporting the roll out of the national learning disability Annual Health Check template

During the Covid19 pandemic the North East and Cumbria Learning Disability Network will continue to support our network members to improve the uptake and quality of Annual Health Checks through:

  • Learning disability Annual Health Check pre-questionnaire
  • Annual Health Check risk stratification tool to support GP practices whilst managing the pandemic
  • Primary care resource pack for GP practices
  • Support General Practice and Commissioners to design and deliver ‘reasonably adjusted’ Annual Health Check models

We have a number of resources below:

  • Pre-questionnaire for AHC’s
  • What is the GP learning disability register and a AHC?
  • A toolkit to support Primary Care
Importance of Annual Health Checks Film