Hospital Passports and Flagging

The North East and Cumbria Learning Disability Network is working with partners across a range of initiatives in relation to hospital passports and flagging.

Hospital Passports

Every Acute Trust in our region offers a paper Hospital Passport to people with a learning disability. In 2021 the network is working with stakeholders across the region to develop a digital hospital passport.

Through the Covid19 pandemic we have developed a regional Covid19 Hospital Passport which can be accessed through the resources below.


The network is continuously working with stakeholders across the region to improve flagging of learning disability status and subsequent reasonable adjustments in acute hospitals so clinicians are aware a person has a learning disability and appropriate reasonable adjustments can be put in place in a timely manner. In regards to our 2021 Secondary Care programme of work we are:

  • Supporting Acute Trusts in the roll out the national Reasonable Adjustment Flag
  • Supporting Acute Trusts to work with local partners to ensure people with a learning disability in their localities are flagged
  • Supporting Acute Trusts to be aware of flagging people with a learning disability and the benefits it brings
  • Continue to promote the Summary Care Record with Additional Information