Learning Disability Diamond Standard Acute Care Pathways

In 2020 The Learning Disability Diamond Standards have been developed by the North East and Cumbria Learning Disability Network and Access to Acute (A2A) Network to support NHS Acute Trusts to deliver high quality, reasonably adjusted care to people with learning disability.

By adopting the ‘Diamond Standards’ Trusts will be able to meet the NHS Improvement Learning Disability Standards for NHS Trusts.

We have talked to people with learning disability about the care they would hope to receive when they come into hospital; the ‘Diamond Standards’ will provide the standard of care that people with learning disability require and to which they are entitled.

The Learning Disability Diamond Standard Acute Care Pathways are about planned admission, emergency admission and discharge which are then underpinned by a core set of values and principles. They can be easily adopted and localised to each Acute Trust.

The aim of the pathway and workforce education package is to:

  1. To improve communication for people with learning disability across settings
  2. To improve experiences of health care for people with learning disability
  3. Improve quality of life for people with learning disability
  4. Promote seamless care and disparity of service
  5. To reduce premature mortality

We have created this animation based on a real life case study to show how effective the diamond standards have been.

The Learning Disability Diamond Acute Care Workforce Education Package was developed to support all staff working in Acute Trusts with learning disability awareness training. The training has been designed to be delivered face to face or via an e-learning package. The training focuses on:

  • Communication
  • Reasonable adjustments
  • Mental Capacity Act and Best Interest Decision making
  • Health and Care Passports
  • Learning Disability Diamond Standard Acute Care Pathways
  • Case studies

These initiatives were launched in September 2020 with every organisations management board. We are pleased to say every Acute Trust in our region has adopted these pathways and workforce education package and are currently in the process of rolling them out across the acute trust.

In 2022/23 we are:

  • Working towards awarding ‘Learning Disability Diamond Standard’ status to wards, departments and whole hospitals that have met the Learning Disability Diamond threshold.’
  • Updating and refreshing the Learning Disability Diamond Standard Acute Care workforce education

South Tees NHS Foundation Trust have developed this film with The Twisting Ducks Theatre Company to show how the Learning Disability Diamond Standards support people with a learning disability to receive good quality healthcare.