The North East and Cumbria Learning Disability Learning Disability Network leads the Learning Disability/Autism Workforce Transformation Programme on behalf of the North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care System. A significant work plan has been in place since 2015 that has resulted in a range of region wide and cross sector workforce improvement projects.

The Workforce Transformation Programme continues to provide strategic leadership in delivering this work and has secured over £1m worth of investment. This proactive, region-wide workforce transformation programme was designed and delivered in response to understanding and addressing gaps in workforce at scale to enable the North East and Cumbria to support development of a skilled, competent, knowledgeable workforce to meet needs of our population of people with learning disability and/or autism.

Achievements to date

  • Commissioned, designed and developed leadership development programmes
    • 2017 Tomorrow’s Leaders (aimed at people with a learning disability and/or autism
    • 2017 Sharing the Knowledge (aimed at family carers)
    • 2017 Learning Disability Leadership Development Programme (aimed at commissioners and providers)
    • 2019 Leading Together for a Change was commissioned, developed and delivered which had three cohorts. One for young people with a learning disability and/or autism, one for family carers of children and young people with a learning disability and one for professionals working in children and young peoples learning disability and/or autism services
  • Region wide strategic approach to Positive Behavioural Supportthat includes PBS Practice Leadership Level 6/7 – Leading PBS in Organisations leading to an Advanced Diploma (level 6) or Post Graduate Certificate (level 7), PBS Facilitators Level 4 – Facilitating PBS in Teams – Certificate in PBS (level 4), Positive Behavioural Support for Families and Carers, appointed 2 WTE PBS Strategic Workforce Development Managers, appointed 1 Learning Disability/Autism Strategic Workforce Development Manager’
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme
  • Total Attachment Theory Training
  • Early Intervention and Prevention Programme (Cumbria pilot)
  • Development of Learning Disability / Autism Workforce Strategy
  • Development of careers film to promote Learning Disability Nursing